Crompton 1HP SP Mini Crest I Water Pump (Multicolour)

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Water Pumps are mostly driven by an electrical motor. There are various types of pumps, some are portable while some are not and some are made to use for irrigation purpose, while some are just used to fill a well. The characteristics that make these pumps outstanding are 1. They have an entirely enclosed drive mechanism, 2. These pumps can run on an electric motorised driven system. Crompton motor pumps are sturdy, tried and true which is why they are sure to provide an unfailing and steadfast performance.
Package Contents:1 Water Pump
1 year on product.
Pipe size (mm x mm): 25 x 25, hp: 1.00, kw: 0.75, rpm (syn): 3000, head range (metres): 6-34, discharge range (lpm): 2700-500
Self priming upto 8.0 metres at mean sea level
Unique motor design-capacitor start and run (psc) type eliminating centrifugal switch
Aluminium pressure die cast / aluminium extruded motor body



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