DEWALT DW871 355mm Heavy Duty Chop Saw With DEWALT DWA8011R 355x3x25.4mm Chopsaw Wheel




Price: ₹ 13,024.00
(as of Mar 14,2021 12:36:17 UTC – Details)

Dewalt DW871 2200 Watt 355mm Heavy Duty Chop Saw with wheel included
High power abrasion Protected motor delivers high overload capabilities for greater durability. Horizontal handle for superior ergonomics and less user fatigue. Quick release clamp results in less time in changing the work piece. 45° pivoting fence allows for fast and accurate angle cuts. Spindle lock for quick and easy wheel change. On-board wheel change wrench allows for convenient storage and greatly reduces the risk of lost wrenches. High performance aluminium oxide grain wheels Provides for long life, fast cutting, and smoother running wheels. Compression spring Provides smoother movement and increased durability versus torsion springs. Adjustable spark guard allows user to control the direction of the sparks coming from the machine

Dewalt DWA8011R 355 X 3.0 X 25.4 mm Chopsaw Wheel
The Dewalt Chopsaw wheel has High grain concentration for aggressive cutting action & smoother running wheels. High performance aluminum oxide grain for long life and fast cutting. Proprietary material mix ensures durable long life wheels. Ideal for general purpose metal cutting. To minimize the risk of injury, always use proper eye & respiratory protection.
Capacity in mm: at 45 degree– square: 1052, rectangle: 100 x 140, right angle: 1202, round: 113
With soft start technology
355mm Heavy Duty Chop Saw
Softer formulation for faster cutting
High grain concentration for agressive cutting action and smoother running wheels
2 full sheets of fiberglass for durability and safety


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