DTECH DB9 9 Pin Serial Cable 5m Male to Male RS232 Straight Through (15ft)

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Transfer data between two devices using a serial communication protocol

If your equipment require all 9 pins (straight through), take this RS232 male to male cable wherever you need it, It allows you to add your peripherals to an application or replace the cables.

This serial cord is with gold plated pins for superior corrosion resistance ensuring a solid connection.

The wires inside are connected to the pins in the order of the standard wire color code (black brown red orange etc.), which makes hook-up a breeze when you need to cut the cable and make some other wires to the pins.

The connectors are equipped with a pair of thumbscrews for securing the plug to the female socket.
You can use this 15ft long DB9 extension cable to have your units side by side, make your work easy than ever before.

For Connecting RS232 devices below (partial):
vinyl cutting machine
network equipment
radio transceiver
stereo system subwoofer/speaker set
sewing machine
weather station
Or controller to a remote control camera

Important Note:
1)This is a straight thru cable, DO NOT perform crossover (Null Modem) function.
2)It is shielded with standard Foil-Al layer shielding as most cables do, it fits for most of jobs. But if there are big mess of interference at your work area, you may need a special heavy duty shielding cable(copper braided + AL-foil).

Item Specifications:
Connectors: DB9 to DB9 (Male-Male)
Interface Surface: Nickel-plated
Pins Surface: Gold-plated
Wire Gauge: 30 AWG
Cord Diameter: 6mm
Cord Length: 15 ft (5 meter)
Color: Black

What’s Included:1 x Serial to Serial Cable 5m Male to Male
1 x User Manual
9 pin DB connector on each end equipped with screws to ensure an easy and solid connection for data communication
15 feet serial extension cord is long enough for unites side by side; the wires inside the cable are of 30AWG gauge and easy to solder to
Shielded with AL foil and all 9 pins are wired STAIGHT Through pin-to-pin (pinout: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4,……, 8-8, 9-9, G-G)
Serial cable male to male plug for hooking up PC laptop to some old RS-232 equipments like scanner, Modem, printer, plotter, camera, barcode / embroidery machine, microcontroller,test equipment


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