G 1 Garbage Bags Medium Size Black Color 19 X 21 Inch 90 Pieces

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Product Description

G1 G1bags
G1 G1bags

Wondering how to handle the daily waste which is out there? Want to also segregate the different types of waste which is getting generated so that it can be recycled properly? Wondering how the road side garbage bags are different than “G 1” Garbage bags ?

G 1 Garbage Bags are made up of Virgin Material, which does not smell bad when you open the packets. As it is made of Virgin Material it has all the tensile strength to hold your garbage without tearing off easily and you do not need to double the bags in the dustbin.

These comes in various colors like Black, Blue and Green to help you store different wastes separately for easy recycling of the garbage.

G 1 garbage bags for every kitchen. A very economic and cost-effective way of garbage disposal and to maintain cleanliness all-around. This will help for a clean India and a green India. These bags will equip you to dispose of your waste without polluting the environment further.
A bin bag, rubbish bag (British English), garbage bag, bin liner, trash bag (American English) or refuse sack is a disposable bag used to contain solid waste. Such bags are useful to line the insides of waste containers to prevent the insides of the receptacle from becoming coated in waste material.


These versatile, durable bags can help you tackle everyday kitchen waste, post-party clean-up, store seasonal items, collect donations, or clean up your basement, garage or yard.

Available Colours

black garbage bag g1

black garbage bag g1

Green Garbage Bags

Green Garbage Bags

blue garbage bag g1

blue garbage bag g1


Black color Garbage bag is used to collect General Purpose wastes. General waste, also called residual waste, is material from businesses and households that cannot be recycled. It includes materials such as plastics, polythene, some packaging and kitchen scraps.


Green Color Garbage Bag is used to collect wet Waste. WET WASTE includes cooked and uncooked food, fruits, vegetable peels, flower waste, and other organically decomposable waste.


Blue Color Garbage Bag is used to collect Dry Waste. Dry waste is typically defined as any waste which will not rot or disintegrate over time and has little or no moisture content. Dry waste can also be described as inorganic waste given its lack of food products. Some common dry waste item are Metal, Glass, Plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminium foil, etc.,

G 1 Size Chart
G 1 Size Chart

G 1 Garbage Bags Standard Size Chart

Medium – 19 X 21 Inches
Large – 25 X 30 Inches
Extra-Large – 29 X 39 Inches

g1 bags
g1 bags

Industrial Size

Jumbo Size Garbage Bags can be used in Industries where large amount of waste are produced.

Jumbo Bag Sizes:

30 X 50 Inches




Most convenient method of Garbage disposal to maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene. Step toward Green Environment.

G1 Garbage Bag


Made of Semi Virgin Material
Made of 20% Re usable Material
G 1 is a registered trade mark of Shaktiman Enterprises bearing Certificate No 4174469

Material : Semi Virgin Material | THIN, Yet Strong material to make it economical disposable bags
Small and Medium Size (48 cm X 54 cm)
Fits Best for 15 Litre Garbage Bins
Most convenient method of Garbage disposal to maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene


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