Gpu Miner RX 5700XT, 580, 3060TI, 3070 (USED)

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5700XT  (USED)

Whole machine And operating system.

only need plug power then can mine.



  1. Supported coins: All GPU coins, such as ETH, ETC, GRIN, XMR, RVN. You can switch algorithms according to your own needs.
  2. After receiving the product, plug in and link to the Internet to get started! easy to use. At the same time, we will provide all technical support.


NOTE(Be sure to read following):

  1. About the Used miner:

(1) We will test the second-hand machine twice, and the last test will send video to you. Video contains sn code, time and background data of the machine to ensure that the machine is normal. When you receive the machine, you can check the sn code, which is consistent with video.

(2) A. Second-hand items do not have any warranty. We will send you a test video containing time, machine SN code, and background data before shipment.

B. The time is calculated from the signing of the goods, please complete the test within 24 hours. And the label cannot be torn off, otherwise we will think that you have replaced the internal parts of the machine. If there is any problem within 24 hours after signing for the goods, we can send you new accessories (the buyer pays the freight).

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  1. Freight for1 and 2 units can be expensive because the minimum weight for heavy goods is not reached. 3 or more will be cheaper, so it is recommended to buy 3 or more.


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580, 5700XT, 3060Ti, 3070