iBELLMC25-84 Marble Cutter, 1300 Watts, 13000 RPM, 125 mm

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Price: ₹ 3,750.00 - ₹ 2,430.00
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Product Description


A marble cutter is a machine that cuts a marble, granite and other ceramics from different angles and dimensions; iBELL presents to you an electric, leveraging easy to use marble cutter which cuts marbles, granites, woods, tiles and other ceramics. It’s a complete handy tool to work with.

iBell is a good compact and light weighted machine comfortable for any circular or rectangular saw; mostly used in industries for rip, cross and compact cuts. Its blades are strong, sharp and very convenient to use; also suitable for left-handlers.

An essential tool in any machining kit; supports efficiently in heavy and hectic work load, minimizes the friction and makes less sound.

Marble Cutter IBL MC25-84,Marble Cutter IBL MC25-84,


A Convenient Tool to go with

A Convenient Tool to go with

Infinite angle settings

Infinite angle settings

Good dust insulator

Good dust insulator

A Convenient Tool to go with

It’s compact design, sharp blades and handy structure makes it viable and convenient to useOptimized and comfortable designed engineering with great consistency

0-45 Degree angle settings

Build and constructed in consideration with different cutting angles and dimensionsFine and sharp blades ensure sleek and smooth edge cut

Good dust insulator

It is the air which fills the cells in the cork that makes it anexcellent heat insulatorRemove the dust as soon as possible for more efficient use

Sharp Edge BladesSharp Edge Blades

Sharp Edge Blades

Sharp edge blades ensures precise and accurate fine finishing cut to your ceramics minimizing the friction caused

Powerful Voltage PlugPowerful Voltage Plug

Powerful Voltage Plug

The motor enables to run at minimum 400rpm and maximum 700rpm speed for saw cutting which delivers more powerful results with high consistency

How to change bladesHow to change blades

How to change blades

Press and hold the locking button (the orange button, which is on the right side of the handle at the end of the machine shell) and change the saw blade with the six angle wrench in the same time

Easy handling and optimize water device adaption
The product comes with blade
6 Months warranty


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