KOI Miner C16 Series


KOI Miner C16 MAX
Crypto Algorithm/CoinsSHA256/BTC/BCH
Hash rate 92TH/s±5%
Power Consumption3250W±10%
Working temperature0 ° C to 40 ° C
Operating humidity5% RH-95% RH, non-condensing
Network connectionEthernet
Noise level75db



KOI Miner C16 Series
supporting mining of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies
KOI Miner C16 is built on a new architecture using FinFET N+1 process technology. The computing power as a whole machine passes 100TH/s, as high as 113TH/s, with energy consumption rate of the unit computing force reduced to as low as 30J/T.

KOI Miner C16 adopts double air channel cooling designing for short distance ventilation and efficient heat dissipation. Its calculating force plate is designed to be accurately and long-lasting temperature-controllable, ensuring the smooth operation of the machine.

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