Pidilite WD-40, Multipurpose Spray, Chain Lubricant, Rust Remover, Squeak Noise Remover, Stain Remover, and Cleaning Agent, 170g




Price: ₹ 204.00
(as of Jan 23,2021 15:06:28 UTC – Details)

The Pidilite WD-40 Multipurpose spray can be used for multipurpose maintenance requirements. It is the perfect accessory to keep your home, vehicles, cycle and any other utilities running smoothly with less wear and tear. This all-purpose maintenance spray is a great product for high-class maintenance of surfaces of household items, car, bike, and other commercial purposes. WD40 is also great when it comes to removing tough stains, grease, grime, and other marks from most surfaces. Gets under dirt, marks, and grease, making it easy to wipe them away. Lubricates and holds firmly to all moving parts like door hinges and latches, window & draswer channels, and any other movinf parts. Removes rust from metal surfaces with corrosion-resistant ingredients, loosens stuck, frozen or rusted parts. It quickly dries out electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits. The possibilities are endless with WD-40 with over 2000+ use cases.

Excellent Lubricant – Chain? Jammed nuts? Stuck drawers? Hard moving slider windows? The WD-40 is one solution for all your problems. The multi-purpose spray can be used to ease any movement that is jammed/hard to.
Multi-Surface Applicability – This multi-purpose spray can be used on multiple surfaces like metal, iron, chrome, wood, aluminium and more with ease either at home, office, on vehicles or any other commercial purpose.
Excellent Stain Remover – The WD-40 can remove any stains on Vehicles, Floor, Bathroom, kitchen, wood and a variety of other surfaces with ease. This multi-purpose spray can also be used as an active cleaning agent that removes grease & grime stains and other dirt, sticky and dust particles with ease.
Moisture Repellant Agent – The WD-40 can be used on exposed surfaces to give a layer of coating to prevent damage from moisture. The WD-40 is known for lasting long on Wood, plastic, Metals and various other surfaces to increase its life.


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