Robocraze WCS2720 Hall Effect based Linear Current Sensor (0-200A) | Robotics Science Project

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This nickel chromium resistance wire is suitable for heater wire and hot wire cutting use. It is nominally composed of 80 percent nickel and 20 percent chromium and meets astm b267 standards for resistance wire. The wire has a maximum operating temperature of 1177 degrees c (2150 degrees f), is corrosion resistant, and resists oxidation at high temperatures. This resistance wire is suitable for use in heater wire applications such as toasters and cutting wire applications such as foam rubber cutters. Electrical wire carries an electric current or grounds an electrical device. The amount of current a wire can carry is proportional to its size (gauge), and the wire is generally sheathed with coatings and coverings to insulate and protect it from moisture, chemicals, heat, and abrasion. Copper is the primary material for electrical wire, but alloys are sometimes used to increase its strength or its resistance to chemicals and the environment. Wire can be composed of a single strand or of many smaller strands, depending on its use, and is typically annealed to improve its ductility. Electrical wire is commonly used in industrial, electronic, and automotive applications.

 0.4 mΩ internal conductor resistance
 Output voltage proportional to AC and DC current
 Min. sensing current 0~20A at 5V voltage supply
 High Sensitivity 65 mV/A


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