Robodo PAM8403S DC 5V Class D Mini Digital Amplifier Board Module Green

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Price: ₹ 280.00 - ₹ 124.00
(as of Mar 19,2021 14:52:38 UTC – Details)

Specifications: operating voltage: 2.5V-5.5V speaker with: 4-8ohms, recommended: 4ohms speaker power: 2-8w can use the computer USB port 5v power supply or using a mobile phone charger USB port 5v power supply, battery power can also be used high efficiency: 90 percent, can provide 3w (left channel) plus 3w (right channel) output power under 4ohm load and 5v power supply conditions; class a, class b amplifier efficiency is only about 30 percent class d amplifier is highly respected today, class d amplifier efficiency is extremely high, sound quality won’t be affected due to increasing temperature; do not need heat sink and take less space noise canceling circuit was built in the amplifier board, no pop noise when power on or off; with short-circuit current protection and over temperature protection application: LCD tvs, monitors, laptops, portable speakers, portable DVD players, game consoles and phone or speakerphone note: must connect speaker first, then power on or chip may be damaged; do not input too large audio signal larger; output port negative of left or right channel can not be in parallel; max. Working voltage: 5.5V.
Input voltage (recommended) 5v
Recommended input current 800 ma
Type stereo


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