Taparia 1420-6 Econ-Series Long Nose Plier & 1641N-10 Curved Jaw Vice Grip Plier Combo




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Taparia 1420-6 Econ-Series Long Nose Plier
Want to bend, re position or cut wires for creating a piece of art, jewellery designing or for electrical work? A good long nose plier also known as a pinch nose plier or a snipe nose plier comes handy for cutting, crushing, slitting, looping, bending and for any other general use. Their narrow gripping edges make them ideal for great precision work using wires. Induction Hardened Cutting Edges for Enhanced Precision The long nose plier from Taparia, allows you to grip fine, small objects like wire and small nails or brads. It also allows you to cut with the cutting edges found at the back of the upper and lower jaws. The extra induction hardened cutting edges make Taparia 1420 6 Econ Series Long Nose Plier sturdy and easy to use for high precision electrical jobs. Thicker Sleeves for Comfortable and Sturdy Grip Taparia 1420 6 Econ Series Long Nose Plier comes with insulated plastic and rubber coated grip handles that are easy to grasp and also provide protection from electric shock. Versatile Multipurpose Long Nose Plier Multi function Long Nose Pliers offer Stripping, Crimping and Cutting Features for Small Wires. Ideal for Working on telecommunication and electrical wires for repairs and can also be used for other high precision tasks like creating wire art, bending wires for an exact dimension and more. Do it Yourself Easy to Use Long Nose Plier Want to do some home repair jobs on your own? Looking for a multi functional home repair tool? Long nose pliers are an essential versatile tool for do it yourself home repair jobs. The long nose pliers are the most essential hand tools in your arsenal, it comes handy for a lot of tasks including electrical, communications and construction work they can also be used in many applications and assembly works. Great Plier Tool with a Wire Cutting Edge A good long nose cutting plier is especially useful for electrical work with wiring, they are an essential household tool and come handy to do a lot of household tasks including cutting, bending wires. It has a wire cutting edge at the back of its jaw useful for cutting wires or stripping insulation from conductors.

Product 1: 2.More leverage due to special design
Product 1: 3.Sleeves are thicker for comfortable grip
Product 1: 4.Excellent wire cutting ability for soft and hard wires
Product 2: Made from high grade chrome vanadium steel
Product 2: Body and jaw teeth are differentialy hardened to ensure good gripping, provided with wire cutter
Product 2: Ideal for precision jobs like tightening, clamping, twisting and turning


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