Teflon EE YXSP202 ADSL Internet Phone Splitter Broadband Modem Box, Pack of 2

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Price: ₹ 399.00 - ₹ 239.00
(as of Jan 27,2021 15:27:40 UTC – Details)

That the modem box has become an indispensable part of your daily life cannot be denied at all. Therefore, it is of immense significance to keep in mind a number of factors while buying this essential device that aptly connects you to the rest of the world. The ADSL Internet Phone filter is a small box that is made of quality plastic and comes with a small lead, with the help of which it is plugged into the Phone socket. There are two outputs on the modem box. The function of one of them is to enable the ADSL modem connection, while the other one is meant for the telephone connection. In other words, the ADSL Modem Box has been designed in such a manner that it would serve as an ultimate solution by providing you a faultless way of connecting to the world. Since you do not have to worry about the convergence of different lines, you can therefore consider the broadband modem box to connect a fax machine and a printer simultaneously. ADSL, the data communications technology, works with an objective to ensure faster data transmission, makes sure that the quality of the modem box is superior enough to give you an increased speed because the speed of the internet depends largely upon the class and features of the router or the modem.
This adapter separates voice signal and ADSL digital signal from telephone signal.
Protect the voice signal and ADSL digital signal from the interference of a telephone and a fax machine
One RJ11 at one end for line
Two RJ11 at the other end for phone and modem


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