uni-ball UM 100 Signo Gel Pen (0.8mm, Transparent Body, Silver Ink, Pack of 1)




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Product Description


Mitsubishi Pencil from Shingawa, Tokyo, Japan has been working since 1887 to improve the quality of its products and enhance its technologies. This writing instrument manufacturers to take environmental issues into consideration, launching products with recycled materials in 1992.



uni-ball products are developed through technical expertise accumulated over the years include “uni-ball” water based ink balls with metal tips that dominate the world market.An established product with reliable features.The “UNI-FLOW SYSTEM” ensures a continuous write with the same thickness to the very last drop of ink.

Water Resistant:

Dyestuff Ink particle is easily soluble in water and will bleed on the paper, uni super ink – pigmented ink will bond itself to the paper fibers once it is settled, it is not soluble in water.

Light Resistant:

The size of uni super ink particle is larger than dyestuff Ink. Therefore its surface is less affected and the colour remains vivid.

Time Resistant:

Difference between structure of molecules. Molecules of dye ink break down because of the sunlight and air but uni Super ink is difficult to break down.


Gel Ink and Twin-Ball Structure of the Twin-Ball Mechanism:

Employing a water-based gel ink, Signo ensures constant ink flow without blurring or dripping. Its twin-ball mechanism prevents excessive ink flow.When the pen is positioned in a downward position, the ink flows smoothly from the ink flow channel.When the pen is positioned in an upward position, the reverse flow prevention ball works to stop the flow of air into the ink.

Gel ink writes smoothly and does not blur!:

When you start writing, the ball in the pen rotates to mix the viscous ink causing it to thin.The pen glides on paper, providing a smooth write.Once the ink touches the paper, it hardens quickly when returning to its previous viscosity, which allows you to draw lines that do not blur.


Let you experience the thrill and enjoyment of using it, and you will fall in love with this pen immediately







Unique Ink That Maintains Consistent Flowing Strokes

By improving the unstable factors of the conventional gel ink, we have further improved our ink’s stability and durability.Unique twin-ball mechanism prevents ink back flow and leak.No lnk Blobbing=Clean & Perfect LinesFeatures Super Ink which protects against water, fading and fraudConvenient visible ink supply window so you know how much ink remains

Durable Tip

0.28mm-sized to 1.0mm-sized balls for versatile application at work or school.Self-developed, precision stainless steel tip with superior durability and gel ink that enables you to draw solid, fine lines.Ultra-fine tip featuring a 0.7mm and 0.8mm-sized ball enabling precision writing for planners.With a unique nib, there will be no breakpoints during use

Super Smooth

Scratch- Free Tip reduces scratching, even when writing with the pen laid flat.This allows the user to write in a more flexible position.The “UNI-FLOW SYSTEM” ensures smooth writing performance to the last drop of ink.Exclusive flow gel ink system provides consistent smoothness and color intensity.Reliably smooth, free-flowing writing the moment the pen hits paper

Transparent Body
Silver Ink


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