UniQual® Beauty Tweezer Set of 3pcs Curved, Straight & Plucker

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Product Description

UniQual is a brand with a vision to provide the right tools and accessories to suffice the ever growing and time changing needs of Hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts and Professionals. The range of tools and accessories include glue guns, glue sticks, engravers, hammers, pliers, tweezers, tool kits and magnets. Each of the products is aimed to increase the efficiency and productivity of the users.

Stainless-Steel Tweezers Set

Versatile tweezer set for repairing electronics & mobiles, arts & crafts, jewelry making, beading, etc. Tweezers with different edges serve different purpose and utility.


This set of three tweezers with different types of points can serve in multiple operations like arts and crafts, application of decorations, nail arts, hair removal and more. They can also be used to handle electronics and jewellery.

Straight Point

This straight point tweezer can be used for various applications due to its high precision. Since it has a sharp edge, it can easily lift small objects. It can be used for segregating precious stones.

Curved Point

The curved point tweezers can be a fitting tool for application of fake lashes and for nail art. It can easily pick and place items like rhinestones, beads, studs or striping tapes with complete control.

Blunt Point

This tweezer is one of the safest types. It has blunt edges that can be used for holding objects while repairing, crafting, model making, etc.

Precision Tweezers

This set of tweezers are light weighted and require minimum force for operation. They are ergonomically designed to offer a secure grip over intricately small and delicate items.

Stainless Steel

These tweezers are made of high-grade stainless steel. They are resistant to corrosion and tarnishing with usage. They can retain their edges even after long and frequent usage and do not deform or bend.

Curved and Straight design allows you to apply nail art accessories with pinpoint precision
Works with rhinestones, glitters, confetti, gems, fimo cuttings or any other 3d designs.
Great Tool for holding and plucking hairs
Made up of High Quality Stainless Steel (Anti Magnetic).


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